The Winter Waite Redux

As of writing we’re 66% funded on Indiegogo with our new Winter Waite Redux deck. More than likely we’ll extend the campaign a little if we don’t reach full funding before that time; partly because we want to reach full funding, but also partly because we’re still getting people coming in that have only just heard of our campaign.

A big part of that, I suspect, is down to my lack of weekly updates and especially newsletters. I really do apologise for this and plan on trying to be more proactive with that on the last stretch of the campaign. I’ve been preoccupied with illustrating the cards and getting them ready for samples for the printer. An extraordinary amount of work goes into all of our projects and it can get a bit hard to get the amount of time needed for promoting the campaign.

The box design. There’s a possibility we may add holographic sparkles to this deck, but it’s early days.

On a more positive note, I’ve just sent off the box design last night to the printer, and finishing up a few edits on some of the cards. This will provide us with a sample of what to expect as we move forward with the official production.

The nine of swords now has a mouse at the foot of the bed! Christine really liked the idea of having a mouse’s shadow appear to be a much more frightening visual than what actually appears.

So if you’re tuning in for the first time and have no idea what the campaign is all about, we’ll just do a quick recap. From about 2017 onwards we’ve been illustrating a range of Winter themed decks, beginning with our original 2018 edition of the Winter Waite. The following year this was updated with what became our Winter Waite 2019 “revised” edition. For the year 2020 we had “Winter Waite: Santa’s Helpers”, a more whimsical version of the winter cards with much more candy canes, elves, peppermint swirls etc. In 2021 we released the Winter Waite: Glitter Edition. This was our first ever deck of cards with a glittery finish. This year we’re revisiting the Winter Waite with all new artwork, new coloring and some new characters.

We’ve gone with a more pastel theme this year, which, if you are familiar with our work, has been a little challenging. Not a neon in sight! lol

We’ve had lots of positive feedback over the years from people who have grown weary of the lockdowns, the wars, the fears of new pandemics, the cost of living crisis and so on. People tell us all the time that our cards have brought some joy to collecting during these trying times. There is a longing, almost a nostalgia for a better time, where families could come together and share in the festivities. We’ve been blessed to receive so many positive comments about our cards, and it encourages us to keep trying to outdo ourselves and make even better decks than we’ve previously created.

So if it’s the kind of deck that speaks to you, or you would even like to help us out by sharing the links with those that might be interested, it would really help us out! (We’re still a relatively small team here (Just Christine and myself), so sharing the links is always a big help to us.


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