A New “Black Light” On The Cards

It’ll probably be a bit of a long way off, but we’re toying with the idea of producing one more UV reactive “black light” style deck of cards over the next few years. The response to our UV reactive decks have been fantastic. As far as we’re aware, we’re the first to produce a fully UV reactive deck of cards, in terms of having more than one color. Having the cards fully UV reactive with neon inks is always much more expensive than printing a straight CMYK deck of cards.

I think for that reason they are a bit harder to create, even for us. They usually take twice as long to produce, and sometimes end up two to three times more expensive to fund such a project. The end result, we think, is worth it.

We can never replace the iconic Waite-Smith imagery, nor do we pretend to. Rather, we like to think it adds a bit more excitement to what has gone before.

Along with the Psychedelic Space Tarot and the Neon Pam, we like to think that we’re at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what Tarot art can be. We’re always trying to challenge ourselves to create an even better deck of cards than what we produced previously.

A combination of Neon Pam, Psychedelic Space and The Black Light Tarot under the UV light on my art table.

The cards can be found in our store here.

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