Introduction to Reading Sibilla

Welcome to our introductory guide to reading the Sibilla.

Let’s get started. When reading the Sibilla it’s important to stick to the main meaning of the card and not read too much beyond what’s presented on the card. This oracle is pretty straightforward  and relies less on intuition and more on the card itself.  For example casa (house), conversation and bambino (baby) likely  means conversation about family matters or conversation at home about a recent birth.

We are using the Everyday Oracle for our guide, but you can use other Sibilla themed decks if you choose. At the end of this article, we’ll include a few more decks that we feel work equally as well with our lessons.

In the meantime here is a handy guide to what each of the suits represent. In these cards (Everyday Oracle), you will find a “C” an “F” etc in the top left of the card, representing the suit, and the number of the card on the top right.

“C” = Cuori (Hearts = hearts) “F” = Fiori (Flowers = Clubs)

“Q” = Quadri (Paintings = Diamonds)  “P” = Picche (Spades = Spades)

For the purpose of these Sibilla articles, I will do my best to always refer to the suits in English, as our audience tends to come from English speaking countries, (or maybe use it as a second language). so “Fiori” will be referred to as clubs, “Cuori” will be referred to as hearts etc.

Without further ado, here’s a handy guide to refer back to when reading the cards.

The suits and the seasons (for timing) :

Hearts/Cuori- spring
Flowers/Fiori- summer
Spades/Picches- Fall
diamonds/ Quadri- Winter

Suits /Elements :

Hearts/Cuori- Water
Flowers/Fiori- Fire
Spades/Picches- Air
Diamonds/ Quadri- Earth

Social status-

King of Quadri/ Diamonds- Married man
Queen of Quadri/Diamonds – Married woman
King of  Picches / Spades – Widowed man/ Divorced man
Queen of Piches/ Spades- Widowed woman, Divorcee

King of Cuori/ Hearts- Single man
Queen of Cuori/ Hearts- Single woman
King of Fiori / Clubs – Older professional man
Queen of Fiori / Clubs – Young student


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