1 of Hearts – Conversation – Sibilla

An introduction in reading with Sibilla cards. The deck we are using is the Everyday Oracle by Lo Scarabeo, and it can be purchased here. The cards we are using are in Italian, but can be understood relatively quickly despite that.

Today we are looking at the 1 (Ace) of Cuori / Hearts card and how it can be read alongside other cards.

1 of hearts /Cuori – (conversation) – Get together, circle of friends, friendly conversation, talk, discussion, party, group, job interview, meetings of all kinds. A family gathering. Dialogue. Also love promises and engagement. Generally speaking this card represents communication.

Reversed – Breakdown of communication or arguments within the group. Differences of opinion. Disputes among friends. Talking at cross purposes. Lack of agreement. No common ground for conversation. In readings about romance; incompatibility and unrequited love. An inability to listen to each other.

How To Read With The Card.

Read the card following the 1 of Hearts to learn what the conversation is about. For example

1 of hearts and 8 of clubs (La Riunione or “the reunion”) can be read as a couple having a “conversation” about getting back together or meeting. Lovers chatting. Healing words. A reunion of some sort.

1 of Hearts and 2 of Hearts (Casa or “home”) – A discussion about home or family. News from home. Communication from family member. Talking about personal matters. The news is likely to be good in any case. The ace of hearts is a good omen for emotional news and communications.

1 of hearts and 13 of Clubs (Dottore or “doctor”) An appointment to see your doctor. A discussion with a doctor about a health concern or illness. News from the doctor’s office.

1 of hearts and 9 of Spades (Prigione or “Prison”) Could be a conversation with a real prisoner or discussion about feeling trapped and /or isolated. Being excluded from a discussion or group. Possibly a probation hearing.

1 of hearts and 7 of Diamonds (Bambino or “baby”) Birth announcement. Happy news about a birth. Discussion about a child or new project. Baby shower.

1 of hearts and 3 of Hearts (Belvedere or “beautiful view”) Prediction. News of a coming event. A possible trip to a fortune teller. The arrival of good or hoped for news. . .

1 of hearts and 1 of Spades (Dispiacere or “disgrace”) Communication that causes tears. Maybe news of an illness, divorce or breakup. Look at the next card for clues. Could also be a gathering related to sorrow like a funeral or wake.

1 of hearts and 6 of Spades (Sospiri or “sighs”) Expressing anxiety. Feeling anxious about a meeting. Longing to meet or be with someone. Waiting for a meeting to take place.

1 of hearts and 10 of Spades (Militare or “military” man) News, official communication from police or authorities. Feeling uncomfortable with a group. A group that’s hostile to you. Court room.

Can be any type of communication with an official; lawyer, court, military, police officer etc.

1 of hearts with 1 of Clubs (Imeneo or “marriage”) Marriage proposal. Engagement. News about an upcoming marriage. A good marriage. The 1 of hearts is a very fortunate card especially in matters of love.


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