2 of Hearts – House – Casa – Sibilla

The deck we are using is the Everyday Oracle by Lo Scarabeo, and it can be purchased here. The cards we are using are in Italian, but can be understood relatively quickly despite that.

Click here for our introduction to the suits for more info!

Today we are looking at the 2 of Cuori / Hearts card and how it can be read alongside other cards.

2 of Hearts / Cuori  displays the word Casa – Casa means “House”. So think of home, real estate, shelter and etc.

Matters pertaining to the family group or household. Safety, protection and ” living space”. It can also signify a building for an establishment for example; a bed and breakfast, shop, restaurant or rental property.

If the person is homeless it could also mean the car they live in. It also represents the client himself, his base and inner world. Tradition. Stability.

Reversed – Feeling imprisoned, confined or uncomfortable. Also, a courthouse, jail or hospital. Change of residence. Tension in family relationships. In matters of love, this card in the reversed position indicates the relationship probably won’t lead to cohabitation, marriage or living together. If the client is married could indicate divorce or separation. The house card represents not only physical property, but also what constitutes a home or family in an emotional sense.


Some possible combinations for Casa (Home) 2 of Hearts / Cuori

2 of Cuori and Q12 (Donna Maritata) Married woman or stay at home mom. Mother at home with children. Housewife. Homemaker.

2 of Cuori and Picche 6 (Sospiri) Longing for home. Thoughts about home. The person depicted in sospiri longs for something. In this example the woman is looking toward (casa) home and her family.

2 of Cuori and Picche 4 (Ammalato) An invalid. Someone who is sick being managed at home. Sick in bed (literally) . Hospice or hospital building.

2 of Cuori and Quadri 5 (Malinconia) – Sad thoughts about home or the family. Someone at home with depression or mental health issues. Depression about family life. Something about the home environment upsets this person. For more clues draw another card. For example with bambino as the third card, it could indicate post natal depression.

2 of Cuori and Picche 9 (Prigione)Feeling bound by family obligation . Feeling trapped at home. A shut in . Possibly, a person who suffers with agoraphobia . Also a prison building or courthouse.

2 of Cuori and Quadri (Il Ladro) 10. Quite literally a break in or someone steals something from your house. A thief enters your home. This is one I read literally. Sometimes the cards are that straightforward. You’ll find this with the sibilla!

2 of Cuori and Quadri 9 (Deliranti) Person at home with mental illness. Family member who suffers from alcoholism. Being drunk at home. Person living at home with some ailment that affects their memory or judgement. Rehab center. Mental health institution.

2 of Cuori and P2 (La Vecchia Signora) Mother’s house. A visit from mom. Hospice care. Elderly housing.

2 of Cuori and Quadri 12 (Mercante) A business establishment. Bank. Place where people shop or trade.

2 of Cuori and Fiori 9 (L’ Allegria)- A Pub, bar or night club. A Place where people celebrate. House of convivial spirits.

2 of Cuori and Picche 7 (Disgrazia) Accident at home. House fire. Something that damages the property like a flood, earthquake or fire. Tragedy in a building.

2 of Cuori and Cuori 13 Gran Signore. A visit from someone important or a father figure. The owner of the home or building. Landlord.

Thank you for reading. We eventually plan on a follow up book detailing many more combinations of the cards.


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