The Winter Lenormand

We still have a few more Winter Lenormand decks available. This is a new deck we’ve released in December and will not be continued after Christmas (at the very least, without quite a few changes). I have decided to release 25 for sale from my site and I believe we have something like 17 still available. They are shipped directly from the printer, so I don’t actually have any physical copies sitting around. Rather I have capped the deck to 25 copies for sale, so if all sell, great, and if not, no big deal!

Why such a small print run?

At, I had a vision of creating very limited edition decks of cards, something which would be truly collectible. Unlike mass produced decks of cards that can be printed in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, collectible decks allow the possibility of a product increasing in value over time. Just like our Spooky Cats and Kiddy Katz Tarot, we sold roughly around 50 of each on the Kickstarter campaign. I’m not entirely sure if I will ever release either of these decks on my site after the campaign rewards are delivered, but on the small chance that I decide to bring back the decks, there will be quite a difference in the changes to Spooky Cats since 10 of the cards for the Kickstarter edition are exclusive to the campaign. So there will 50 sets of those ten exclusive cards in existence. Can you get more collectible than that?

So 25 decks of cards is practically a drop in the ocean when compared to mass produced decks, but I was late in getting this deck of cards finished for the winter holidays and so wasn’t able to really promote it effectively. Releasing 25 decks only a few weeks before Christmas with my limited promotional reach seemed a more realistic goal to achieve.

So feel free to look through all the cards if you’re interested over @


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