• The Long Awaited Apocalypse

    Walking away from the vitriol that is social media and rubbish opinions!

    It’s too early to tell, but there’s a possibility we might just get an official print run of the Dead Waite: Apocalyptic Survivor. This is a deck that we initially attempted to crowdfund back in 2019, and while we managed to fulfill all the backer rewards, we never quite reached full funding. While it was only four years ago, we’ve learned a lot since then and we’ll most likely fund this one ourselves without another crowdfunding campaign.

    Its a risk of course, but one we feel confident will eventually make its initial investment back. The truth is, out of all of our non studio decks of cards* the Apocalyptic Survivor is one of our most popular, most requested and most praised for its originality. And not to boast, but I can understand why. I’ll grant you that the original Dead Waite was a clever take on the Waite, but adding the “messed up” vibe to it, the blood, the burns etc, really allowed it to take on a life all of its own. It’s a deck close to my heart mainly because I had a lot of freedeom over it. Maybe that’s not quite it. I have a lot of freedom over the others as well. I think perhaps because I had thought up the idea of the Dead Waite, how the cards should look, even designed and thought up the logo, all of that kind of thing. Christine is responsible for the Winter Waite, Trippin’ Waite, Groovy Waite, the Black light decks etc. (I’ve edited and illustrated for these projects, but concepts are about 99% Christine)

    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

    Revisiting the deck again and getting the files prepped for the printer, I really got a laugh out of some of the images. You must understand that we’ve been immersed in a combination of psychedelic imagery (Trippin Waite, Groovy Waite and their spin offs), and wintery themes (Winter Waite and its yearly updates) that to see zombies spattered in blood and guts, well, there is a morbid humor to some of it.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite from the full range of images in the deck but I particularly like the 9 of Cups for the concept. It’s been a few years since i’ve looked at any of the zombie stuff i’d drawn but that one is funny to me. It’s a wish card and what more could a living dead guy wish for?

    The 8 of Cups is another firm favorite of mine. You can tell that whatever he’s walking away from, it wasn’t pretty. I also like that it’s a particularly darker image literally. The Tower and Wheel of Fortune have that same hue.

    Another one I particularly like, though mainly for the blood streak overlay, is the 7 of Wands. It features one of the few non infected humans in the deck and by golly is he going to keep it that way!

    It’s like someone was dragged away and eaten while they were conducting a tarot reading!

    Of course, we are much more known now for the Trippin’ Waite Tarot, The Winter Waite and the Black Light Tarot, and for some it may even come as a shock that we’ve had a few horror decks under our belt, but that’s the thing with creativity; it manifests in all manner of ways. Over the years I think we’ve leaned more towards the psychedelic because we enjoy the trippiness of it and our customers / supporters do too, but with our wide range of decks, I like to think there’s something for everyone.

    In an ideal situation I would like to create a sort of dystopian Mad Max / Fallout style deck of cards with a survivalist feel to it. By that I don’t mean using those existing characters but rather that style. Then again it might get a bit close for comfort; we’ve only just come out of a pandemic, there’s talk of WW3, cost of living crisis, it’s entirely possible that a dire miserable deck is not going to appeal to very many people at all.

    If we do actually get the Apocalyptic Survivor off the ground in the next few months, and it’s a big if, then we’ll eventally have it in the store next year. It may even be our second release of the new year, following close on the heels of the Winter Waite Redux which has recently recieved full funding.

    Well, as always thank you for taking the time to read this update, and may you have a great Hanukkah ,a great Christmas, or a great other holiday, and happy New Year.

    * by “non studio” I mean one we sometimes sell as a Print on Demand deck from either Printer Studio or Make Playing Cards. These are decks we’ve created but didn’t have the capital to invest in a full print run of say 500 -1000 decks of cards, and so are printed on a per order basis. Sometimes it is not even the lack of funding but having doubts that if we do invest, we will see any significant return on investment. It’s an unfortunate reality in business, be it the music industry, or the film industry that some projects never receive as much publicity or funding as others.

  • The Winter Waite Redux

    As of writing we’re 66% funded on Indiegogo with our new Winter Waite Redux deck. More than likely we’ll extend the campaign a little if we don’t reach full funding before that time; partly because we want to reach full funding, but also partly because we’re still getting people coming in that have only just heard of our campaign.

    A big part of that, I suspect, is down to my lack of weekly updates and especially newsletters. I really do apologise for this and plan on trying to be more proactive with that on the last stretch of the campaign. I’ve been preoccupied with illustrating the cards and getting them ready for samples for the printer. An extraordinary amount of work goes into all of our projects and it can get a bit hard to get the amount of time needed for promoting the campaign.

    The box design. There’s a possibility we may add holographic sparkles to this deck, but it’s early days.

    On a more positive note, I’ve just sent off the box design last night to the printer, and finishing up a few edits on some of the cards. This will provide us with a sample of what to expect as we move forward with the official production.

    The nine of swords now has a mouse at the foot of the bed! Christine really liked the idea of having a mouse’s shadow appear to be a much more frightening visual than what actually appears.

    So if you’re tuning in for the first time and have no idea what the campaign is all about, we’ll just do a quick recap. From about 2017 onwards we’ve been illustrating a range of Winter themed decks, beginning with our original 2018 edition of the Winter Waite. The following year this was updated with what became our Winter Waite 2019 “revised” edition. For the year 2020 we had “Winter Waite: Santa’s Helpers”, a more whimsical version of the winter cards with much more candy canes, elves, peppermint swirls etc. In 2021 we released the Winter Waite: Glitter Edition. This was our first ever deck of cards with a glittery finish. This year we’re revisiting the Winter Waite with all new artwork, new coloring and some new characters.

    We’ve gone with a more pastel theme this year, which, if you are familiar with our work, has been a little challenging. Not a neon in sight! lol

    We’ve had lots of positive feedback over the years from people who have grown weary of the lockdowns, the wars, the fears of new pandemics, the cost of living crisis and so on. People tell us all the time that our cards have brought some joy to collecting during these trying times. There is a longing, almost a nostalgia for a better time, where families could come together and share in the festivities. We’ve been blessed to receive so many positive comments about our cards, and it encourages us to keep trying to outdo ourselves and make even better decks than we’ve previously created.

    So if it’s the kind of deck that speaks to you, or you would even like to help us out by sharing the links with those that might be interested, it would really help us out! (We’re still a relatively small team here (Just Christine and myself), so sharing the links is always a big help to us.

  • A New “Black Light” On The Cards

    It’ll probably be a bit of a long way off, but we’re toying with the idea of producing one more UV reactive “black light” style deck of cards over the next few years. The response to our UV reactive decks have been fantastic. As far as we’re aware, we’re the first to produce a fully UV reactive deck of cards, in terms of having more than one color. Having the cards fully UV reactive with neon inks is always much more expensive than printing a straight CMYK deck of cards.

    I think for that reason they are a bit harder to create, even for us. They usually take twice as long to produce, and sometimes end up two to three times more expensive to fund such a project. The end result, we think, is worth it.

    We can never replace the iconic Waite-Smith imagery, nor do we pretend to. Rather, we like to think it adds a bit more excitement to what has gone before.

    Along with the Psychedelic Space Tarot and the Neon Pam, we like to think that we’re at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what Tarot art can be. We’re always trying to challenge ourselves to create an even better deck of cards than what we produced previously.

    A combination of Neon Pam, Psychedelic Space and The Black Light Tarot under the UV light on my art table.

    The cards can be found in our store here.

    If you like what you see and would like to be kept informed, subscribe to this blog or our newsletter which we put out monthly (usually).

  • Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God Is Within You

    I’m going to be honest with you dear reader. You may not appreciate or agree with my views in life, I’ve never hidden the fact that my views differ from that of (at least what I perceive to be) popular opinion. I would like to think that that’s the one thing that you might like about me as a person, as an artist, even as a friend. You might not like my opinion but at least I’m honest to who I think I am.

    Occasionally popular opinion overlaps with my own and I get to rest and not defend myself. For the most part I carry a torch of one, or a few, and I continue on with my belief even under pressure. I consider myself a Christian, though more realistically a failed one. In the words of one our late local lyricist and poet Henry McCullough “I’m a failed Christian and I don’t go to church, I smoke and I drink and I lie and I curse”….(he played with Paul McCartney’s Wings if I remember right). In other words I’m not going to judge you because I am in no position to. And if or when I do, I need to ask forgiveness from you!

    My first introduction to Tolstoy was the book The Kingdom of God is Within You. It’s a non fiction book, the culmination of thirty years of Tolstoy’s thinking, and lays out a new organization for society based on a literal Christian interpretation. If I were to sum it up it’s about Christ’s sermon on the mount and how we’re supposed to turn the other cheek.

    I bought it at the same time I was flying out to Turkey to spend a few weeks on holiday with my brothers.

    So the first few chapters were read under palm trees instead of our usual Northern Irish semi dull days. The book was first published in Germany in 1894 after being banned in his home country of Russia and is the culmination of thirty years of Tolstoy’s thinking, and lays out a new organization for society based on a literal Christian interpretation. Why am I always drawn to banned things? I swear, it is not intentional. In the case of Tolstoy, I imagine his work was banned because it was in direct conflict with, say, the idea of the draft. It is basically a pacifist’s manual.

    I’ll roll it back a bit, and let you into my life. I grew up in a family where church attendance was not that important, but occasionally my father desired that we would still attend. I was never interested in church. In Ireland, when some kind of mass salvation thing swept across my sister’s school, (thought it was not a religious school) and she got saved, it was a little shocking. If I’m honest about it I wasn’t too happy. I felt that my sister was stolen away from me. Soon I started to wonder If I too should be saved. For a long time I mocked the Christian music she listened too because it sounded too…well, weak. As time rolled on I thought “I’ll do the prayer”…you know that prayer that you’re supposed to do to get saved. I did that and forgot about it. About two weeks later I started to read the bible more and more. It felt like a compulsion. I am not sure if I had self hypnotised myself but I became really eager to learn more about the bible. Instead of being peaceful though, I turned really inspired by the apocalyptic. I started to straighten out though but I became interested in bands like the very obscure Nashville based Wedding Party ‘s Anthems Album (in my early 20’s they even invited me to their studio to see their set up because I made friends with most of the band members and often wrote detailed descriptions of how I felt about their songs) and Saviour Machine, a great gothic Christian band whose lead singer Eric Clayton was really great to talk to. I was a big fan and here was Eric talking to me!

    At that point in my life I’d rather meet these people rather than the biggest pop star today. For me, These people were “celebrities” and they inspired my thinking, and also my belief that the best and most talented works of art and literature are probably the ones you’ll never hear of. What I mean is that most of the musica and art that has inspired me will probably never ever reach the mainstream. From that perspective I’ve never felt that I should necessarily seek to be “the best” because in my mind these people were the best yet would never make it into the mainstream. I started to understand that sometimes the best musicians and artists are the ones you’ll never hear about. Maybe I should do a story on that at some point.

    Getting back to Tolstoy, you’re more likely to hear of Tolstoy with his books War and Peace or Anna Karenina, both of which, to this day, I’ve never read. In the book The Kingdom of God is within you, Tolstoy speaks of the Doctrine of Non-Resistance to Evil by Force, A principle of nonviolent resistance when confronted by violence. Trust me, I know it seems like an insane concept, and most would never be able to follow it.

    In recent times I think, at least by American standards, I may be more conservative leaning, but even with that I do not feel fully “understood”. I’m still at that stage of understanding that maybe it fits with God’s will that killing your enemies is acceptable, yet Christ doesn’t seem to say this, nor even allude to it. I suppose I would say that officially it is not the right thing to do spiritually, but physically it might be a necessity. I can’t say. What I can say is that Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is within you certainly makes you ponder these things.

    In that sense I think Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is within you is as relevant for the 1800’s as it is today, but it requires a lot of work if one wants to live it out in the real world. Then again, I can’t think of a single scripture where Christ says the walk will be easy! Well worth a read.

    Thanks for reading

  • Introduction to Reading Sibilla

    Welcome to our introductory guide to reading the Sibilla.

    Let’s get started. When reading the Sibilla it’s important to stick to the main meaning of the card and not read too much beyond what’s presented on the card. This oracle is pretty straightforward  and relies less on intuition and more on the card itself.  For example casa (house), conversation and bambino (baby) likely  means conversation about family matters or conversation at home about a recent birth.

    We are using the Everyday Oracle for our guide, but you can use other Sibilla themed decks if you choose. At the end of this article, we’ll include a few more decks that we feel work equally as well with our lessons.

    In the meantime here is a handy guide to what each of the suits represent. In these cards (Everyday Oracle), you will find a “C” an “F” etc in the top left of the card, representing the suit, and the number of the card on the top right.

    “C” = Cuori (Hearts = hearts) “F” = Fiori (Flowers = Clubs)

    “Q” = Quadri (Paintings = Diamonds)  “P” = Picche (Spades = Spades)

    For the purpose of these Sibilla articles, I will do my best to always refer to the suits in English, as our audience tends to come from English speaking countries, (or maybe use it as a second language). so “Fiori” will be referred to as clubs, “Cuori” will be referred to as hearts etc.

    Without further ado, here’s a handy guide to refer back to when reading the cards.

    The suits and the seasons (for timing) :

    Hearts/Cuori- spring
    Flowers/Fiori- summer
    Spades/Picches- Fall
    diamonds/ Quadri- Winter

    Suits /Elements :

    Hearts/Cuori- Water
    Flowers/Fiori- Fire
    Spades/Picches- Air
    Diamonds/ Quadri- Earth

    Social status-

    King of Quadri/ Diamonds- Married man
    Queen of Quadri/Diamonds – Married woman
    King of  Picches / Spades – Widowed man/ Divorced man
    Queen of Piches/ Spades- Widowed woman, Divorcee

    King of Cuori/ Hearts- Single man
    Queen of Cuori/ Hearts- Single woman
    King of Fiori / Clubs – Older professional man
    Queen of Fiori / Clubs – Young student

  • 2 of Hearts – House – Casa – Sibilla

    The deck we are using is the Everyday Oracle by Lo Scarabeo, and it can be purchased here. The cards we are using are in Italian, but can be understood relatively quickly despite that.

    Click here for our introduction to the suits for more info!

    Today we are looking at the 2 of Cuori / Hearts card and how it can be read alongside other cards.

    2 of Hearts / Cuori  displays the word Casa – Casa means “House”. So think of home, real estate, shelter and etc.

    Matters pertaining to the family group or household. Safety, protection and ” living space”. It can also signify a building for an establishment for example; a bed and breakfast, shop, restaurant or rental property.

    If the person is homeless it could also mean the car they live in. It also represents the client himself, his base and inner world. Tradition. Stability.

    Reversed – Feeling imprisoned, confined or uncomfortable. Also, a courthouse, jail or hospital. Change of residence. Tension in family relationships. In matters of love, this card in the reversed position indicates the relationship probably won’t lead to cohabitation, marriage or living together. If the client is married could indicate divorce or separation. The house card represents not only physical property, but also what constitutes a home or family in an emotional sense.


    Some possible combinations for Casa (Home) 2 of Hearts / Cuori

    2 of Cuori and Q12 (Donna Maritata) Married woman or stay at home mom. Mother at home with children. Housewife. Homemaker.

    2 of Cuori and Picche 6 (Sospiri) Longing for home. Thoughts about home. The person depicted in sospiri longs for something. In this example the woman is looking toward (casa) home and her family.

    2 of Cuori and Picche 4 (Ammalato) An invalid. Someone who is sick being managed at home. Sick in bed (literally) . Hospice or hospital building.

    2 of Cuori and Quadri 5 (Malinconia) – Sad thoughts about home or the family. Someone at home with depression or mental health issues. Depression about family life. Something about the home environment upsets this person. For more clues draw another card. For example with bambino as the third card, it could indicate post natal depression.

    2 of Cuori and Picche 9 (Prigione)Feeling bound by family obligation . Feeling trapped at home. A shut in . Possibly, a person who suffers with agoraphobia . Also a prison building or courthouse.

    2 of Cuori and Quadri (Il Ladro) 10. Quite literally a break in or someone steals something from your house. A thief enters your home. This is one I read literally. Sometimes the cards are that straightforward. You’ll find this with the sibilla!

    2 of Cuori and Quadri 9 (Deliranti) Person at home with mental illness. Family member who suffers from alcoholism. Being drunk at home. Person living at home with some ailment that affects their memory or judgement. Rehab center. Mental health institution.

    2 of Cuori and P2 (La Vecchia Signora) Mother’s house. A visit from mom. Hospice care. Elderly housing.

    2 of Cuori and Quadri 12 (Mercante) A business establishment. Bank. Place where people shop or trade.

    2 of Cuori and Fiori 9 (L’ Allegria)- A Pub, bar or night club. A Place where people celebrate. House of convivial spirits.

    2 of Cuori and Picche 7 (Disgrazia) Accident at home. House fire. Something that damages the property like a flood, earthquake or fire. Tragedy in a building.

    2 of Cuori and Cuori 13 Gran Signore. A visit from someone important or a father figure. The owner of the home or building. Landlord.

    Thank you for reading. We eventually plan on a follow up book detailing many more combinations of the cards.

  • 1 of Hearts – Conversation – Sibilla

    An introduction in reading with Sibilla cards. The deck we are using is the Everyday Oracle by Lo Scarabeo, and it can be purchased here. The cards we are using are in Italian, but can be understood relatively quickly despite that.

    Today we are looking at the 1 (Ace) of Cuori / Hearts card and how it can be read alongside other cards.

    1 of hearts /Cuori – (conversation) – Get together, circle of friends, friendly conversation, talk, discussion, party, group, job interview, meetings of all kinds. A family gathering. Dialogue. Also love promises and engagement. Generally speaking this card represents communication.

    Reversed – Breakdown of communication or arguments within the group. Differences of opinion. Disputes among friends. Talking at cross purposes. Lack of agreement. No common ground for conversation. In readings about romance; incompatibility and unrequited love. An inability to listen to each other.

    How To Read With The Card.

    Read the card following the 1 of Hearts to learn what the conversation is about. For example

    1 of hearts and 8 of clubs (La Riunione or “the reunion”) can be read as a couple having a “conversation” about getting back together or meeting. Lovers chatting. Healing words. A reunion of some sort.

    1 of Hearts and 2 of Hearts (Casa or “home”) – A discussion about home or family. News from home. Communication from family member. Talking about personal matters. The news is likely to be good in any case. The ace of hearts is a good omen for emotional news and communications.

    1 of hearts and 13 of Clubs (Dottore or “doctor”) An appointment to see your doctor. A discussion with a doctor about a health concern or illness. News from the doctor’s office.

    1 of hearts and 9 of Spades (Prigione or “Prison”) Could be a conversation with a real prisoner or discussion about feeling trapped and /or isolated. Being excluded from a discussion or group. Possibly a probation hearing.

    1 of hearts and 7 of Diamonds (Bambino or “baby”) Birth announcement. Happy news about a birth. Discussion about a child or new project. Baby shower.

    1 of hearts and 3 of Hearts (Belvedere or “beautiful view”) Prediction. News of a coming event. A possible trip to a fortune teller. The arrival of good or hoped for news. . .

    1 of hearts and 1 of Spades (Dispiacere or “disgrace”) Communication that causes tears. Maybe news of an illness, divorce or breakup. Look at the next card for clues. Could also be a gathering related to sorrow like a funeral or wake.

    1 of hearts and 6 of Spades (Sospiri or “sighs”) Expressing anxiety. Feeling anxious about a meeting. Longing to meet or be with someone. Waiting for a meeting to take place.

    1 of hearts and 10 of Spades (Militare or “military” man) News, official communication from police or authorities. Feeling uncomfortable with a group. A group that’s hostile to you. Court room.

    Can be any type of communication with an official; lawyer, court, military, police officer etc.

    1 of hearts with 1 of Clubs (Imeneo or “marriage”) Marriage proposal. Engagement. News about an upcoming marriage. A good marriage. The 1 of hearts is a very fortunate card especially in matters of love.

  • The Winter Lenormand

    We still have a few more Winter Lenormand decks available. This is a new deck we’ve released in December and will not be continued after Christmas (at the very least, without quite a few changes). I have decided to release 25 for sale from my site Tarotcollectibles.com and I believe we have something like 17 still available. They are shipped directly from the printer, so I don’t actually have any physical copies sitting around. Rather I have capped the deck to 25 copies for sale, so if all sell, great, and if not, no big deal!

    Why such a small print run?

    At Tarotcollectibles.com, I had a vision of creating very limited edition decks of cards, something which would be truly collectible. Unlike mass produced decks of cards that can be printed in the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, collectible decks allow the possibility of a product increasing in value over time. Just like our Spooky Cats and Kiddy Katz Tarot, we sold roughly around 50 of each on the Kickstarter campaign. I’m not entirely sure if I will ever release either of these decks on my site after the campaign rewards are delivered, but on the small chance that I decide to bring back the decks, there will be quite a difference in the changes to Spooky Cats since 10 of the cards for the Kickstarter edition are exclusive to the campaign. So there will 50 sets of those ten exclusive cards in existence. Can you get more collectible than that?

    So 25 decks of cards is practically a drop in the ocean when compared to mass produced decks, but I was late in getting this deck of cards finished for the winter holidays and so wasn’t able to really promote it effectively. Releasing 25 decks only a few weeks before Christmas with my limited promotional reach seemed a more realistic goal to achieve.

    So feel free to look through all the cards if you’re interested over @ http://www.tarotcollectibles.com


    I come from a part of Northern Ireland famous for everything from the oldest licenced whiskey distillery in the world,

    to the world famous Giant’s Causeway (Image on the left). Ireland is rich with ancient celtic lore, and as a kid i discovered a little bit of this for myself.

    The idea of art has been around for thousands of years, from cave paintings chronicling important historical events for tribal communities to decorative designs. For today I want to talk about decorative designs. Generally a decorative design is a motif, an image printed or painted over and over to make a pattern. Some of these designs held meaning, and some were even dedicated to the almighty, or various gods. We see this with the intricate details of celtic designs. Other designs, presumably, were designed solely because the creative person doing the decorating felt that the designs looked good.

    I want to tell you a real life story that happened in my own life. It will probably sound hard to believe considering it is not something that usually happens in day to day life. Situated in the North Coast of Ireland, my late uncle was a farmer and he had a crop of barley that needed cut. It was during the Summer and I was about maybe 10 years old, during the early 90’s.

    The combine harvester was contracted in, and they were cutting the barley around midnight, which isn’t unusual for farm contractors since the majority of contract work is in the summer and they are kept in demand. So some contractors will work late into the night. To cut a long story short the front wheel of the combine harvester fell into a hole, a deep hole in the field.

    It took a long time to get the harvester hauled out with the help of tractors and chains, but when it was pulled out, there was a deep dark cavern.

    My uncle called my parents over and so I got to go along to see what had happened. As it turned out, the combine harvester had fallen into an ancient Neolithic cave, which was once a home of some kind to people many thousands of years previous. It’s not unusual to find the odd flint arrow head around the fields near where we live. I even found a flint knife once. However what we found in the cave was so much more than all that.

    We weren’t able to see much by torch light and so we put off exploring the cave until the next day. With my uncle, and my dad we explored the cave together. We found a bottom floor to the cave, but no one would be able to fit down the hole that led to it except me. At the time, as a 10 year old, I was a lot skinnier than I am now, and so I ventured into the cave’s bottom. It was a square hole and maybe about a 6 foot crawl downwards until I reached the bottom. On the bottom was a flat floor with four walls. One of the walls to my left had a square cut out of the wall, which led into another room. To enter the smaller room to the left, you’d have to crawl through the “window” area, or what looked like a “window” frame, not with glass obviously, but where you could see into another smaller room that looked like a little storage area. My parents wondered if maybe the lower room was for a safety area for kids since adults, at least adults in our day and age, weren’t able to fit down into the lower room.

    We don’t have the flint items from the cave, but they were similar to this one. My father has found these same type outside our family home, especially when plowing the fields.

    So what did we find in the cave? There were a few flint items and a few deer bones found, which I found interesting considering that the deer native to Ireland had become extinct long ago. We also found a clay pot and this brings us to my original point of the story. The history of art and decoration.

    The clay pot we found was decorated around the rim with a very careful series of thumb prints. In later years I wondered if perhaps the thumbprints were embedded into the clay because the potter was using his thumb to manipulate the thickness of the clay around the rim of the cup, but with the rest of the pot having a smooth surface, the thumb prints around the rim were made more noticeable. In the mind of a ten year old and everyone else concerned at the scene, we felt that sure enough it was a pattern. This was also the opinion of the Archaeologists that came out to examine the findings, which they then took to the museum.

    I admit, I was a bit sad that they took all the items away, and from time to time it

    Newgrange is a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland. It was built during the Neolithic period around 3200 BC, making it older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids

    still annoys me. I’ve visited quite a few museums over the years and they always seem to have a surplus of these ancient relics. Why they need to collect everything that people happen to find doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Over the years, from time to time, I’ve thought about that man or woman who put their thumb prints all around that pot. What were they thinking? Had the pattern any significant meaning? Was it more for decorative purposes?

    We know that the spiral, for example, seems to be the one pattern in life that is seen everywhere, and if you’ve ever heard or read the Manga graphic novel Uzimaki you’ll see the funny side! Spirals are everywhere in nature. You can find spirals in everything from snail shells and spider webs, to hurricanes and tornados, even the Milky Way. Spirals were also important in much of ancient art, from the natives in Sedona to Celtic spirals in Newgrange, Ireland.


    It was a really sad revelation to hear that Art Bell had passed into the great beyond. I don’t usually get too upset about celebrities passing on; after all, I don’t actually know them. Yet, when I heard about Bell passing on, I had that same sad feeling I had when Tom Petty slipped away. In the case of Petty, it was announced online that he’d died, then we found out that that news wasn’t entirely accurate and that he wasn’t dead “yet” but was close to death, and it was at that point I had really hoped he’d pull through.

    With the internet as it is, and the amount of hoaxes and fake death stories (Sylvester Stallone comes to mind, and I remember Frank Stallone tweeting about how these stories upset their mother) hearing that Art Bell had passed had me hoping it was just another fake story. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.


    When we began creating a lot more of our Tarot decks, in particular the Chinese Propaganda Art Tarot and Twisted Tarot Tales, we used to listen to Coast to Coast reruns at night along with Midnight In The Desert.  Art Bell was such a big influence to us, that we even immortalized him into one of our UFO themed cards in the Twisted Tarot Tales. In the 8 of Wands card, Art steps out of a small trailer for a smoke in Pahrump, Nevada.

    Thanks for reading!